The Lists

So you can’t exactly strike things off of a Bucket List or a Wish List until, you know, there are things on said lists. Here we go.

I’ll be updating these lists periodically, either crossing off things I have done or learned or adding new things to the ever growing adventure that I wish to consider as life.


  1. Backpack Across Europe
  2. Complete the Route 50 Road Trip from Ocean City, MD to San Francisco (3,073 miles)
  3. Paddle Down the Amazon River
  4. Backpack in the Rocky Mountains
  5. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  6. Visit the Sahara Desert
  7. Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean
  8. Party in Mexico
  9. Go Skydiving
  10. Go Cliff Diving
  11. Go Hang Gliding
  12. Brave a Thunderstorm in My Car
  13. Fruit Pick in England, Australia, or New Zealand
  14. Snorkel/Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  15. Go to College
  16. Graduate from College
  17. Go Paintballing
  18. Live out of my Car for a Month (Or More!)
  19. Hike in the Andes Mountains, See Machu Pichu
  20. Go to Egypt and see the Nile River and the Great Pyramids
  21. To the Mayan Ruins!
  22. Hot-Air Ballooning
  23. Swim with the Dolphins
  24. Live Without a Cellphone for a YEAR (Or Less? Nowadays, Probably Less…)
  25. Go Camping with Friends
  26. Bar Hop Somewhere (Or Many Wheres…)
  27. Finish Writing a Novel, Editing Process and All, and Submit for Publication
  28. Find Something that Inspires Me (Likely to Be A Continual Goal, Because I Get Inspired by Many Different Things)
  29. Go To Greece
  30. Walk Along the Great Wall of China (The Whole Thing? Why Not!)
  31. Spin Around Until I Fall Down
  32. Stare at Country Night Stars for Hours
  33. Dance in the Streets
  34. Become a Street Performer (Hand in Hand with 33?)
  35. Give $100 to a Complete Stranger
  36. Gallop a Horse Across the Great Plains (Not the Whole Thing.)
  37. Work as a Waitress
  38. Go to an African Wildlife Preserve
  39. Go Caribbean Island-Hopping
  40. To the Taj Mahal!
  41. Be and Embrace Myself
  42. Live in a Beach Town for a Year
  43. Do Flips Off of a Rope Swing or High Dive
  44. Eradicate Fear of the Unknown (Perhaps a Less Attainable Dream, but that’s What Dreams are For!)
  45. Visit the Australian Outback
  46. Influence Someone Else’s Life (Have I Done This? Will I Ever Know?)
  47. Seduce A Stranger
  48. Make a Best Friend
  49. Lose a Best Friend
  50. Meditate in India
  51. Study Abroad in a Random Country (Through “Studying” and “Random” May Need to Become Loose Terms)
  52. Run in a Marathon (But Under No Circumstances Need I Win or Come Close)
  53. Drive From the Top to the Bottom of Argentina
  54. Kayak Down the Mississippi River (All the Way? Part of the Way? Thoughts?)
  55. Find Proof of a Miracle
  56. Visit Zimbabwe
  57. Stay Up for 48+ Hours Straight
  58. Start A Food Fight in a Restaurant
  59. Live it Up in Vegas for a Week
  60. Go Broke (Maybe…)
  61. Work on a Cruise Ship
  62. Get Lost for a Week
  63. Befriend a Waiter or Waitress at a Small-Town Diner
  64. Wrestle an Alligator
  65. Run with the Bulls in Spain
  66. Stay on a Deserted Island
  67. Build a Velcro Room
  68. Challenge Someone to a Street Race
  69. Sneak Onto a Parade Float
  70. Sit in the Crow’s Nest
  71. Run Until I Physically Collapse (Likely to Happen During the Marathon Attempt)
  72. Fly a Bush Plane
  73. Change Around ALL of the Names on Someone’s Phone
  74. Make Fun of the Buckingham Palace Guards
  75. Coat Someone Head to Toe in Silly String
  76. Dump Kool-Aid on an Unsuspecting Person
  77. Go Skinny-Dipping
  78. Develop and Go By an Alter Ego for a Day
  79. Buy a Cape and Wear it Around a City (Not on Halloween)
  80. Spontaneous Road Trip!
  81. Find and Go to the Exact Middle of Continental America
  82. Dig a Moat
  83. Scale the Walls of a Scottish Castle
  84. Burst Out into Song and Dance in the Middle of a Food Court
  85. Be a Britney Spears impersonator
  86. Break up a Bar Fight
  87. Do a Handstand in a Glass Elevator
  88. Down Six Adios MotherFuckers (Equivalent to Long Islands, I Presume)
  89. Walk Through the Door at Day Break
  90. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset from a Roof
  91. Sneak onto the Roof of an Academic Building
  92. Embrace and Kiss a Stranger Walking Down the Street
  93. Live Life to the Fullest
  94. Go to La Tomatina and get coated head to toe in tomato
  95. See the Northern Lights
  96. Become a Professional Writer
  97. Visit All 50 States


  1. Sail a Large Sailboat
  2. Surf
  4. Fly a Plane
  5. Fence (Learn to Fence BETTER)
  6. Pole Dance
  7. Guitar (Learn it BETTER)
  8. HTML Coding
  9. Change a Tire
  10. BackHand Spring
  11. Learn Another Language to the Point of Fluency

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