Like most blogs out there in cyberspace, this is a project. Not a school project, which is actually a pretty big first for me.

Okay not really, I’ve had other projects outside of school, but this is the first project I’ve started now that I’m really OUT of school.

Point is, this is a project for me. In light of my new pastime called SEARCHING FOR A JOB, I figured it would be a good idea to get back to the root of what I love: adventure. And while adventure doesn’t always seem to be easy to come by, sometimes all it takes is a personal challenge and some follow through.

So that’s the project. As a lifetime dreamer, I’ve always wanted to engage in adventuresome pursuits. So back in high school, I made a list of things that I wanted to do in my life, things that I either considered adventuresome or somehow necessary to my person. I’ll admit, the list is heavy with travel, and I’m not exactly rolling in money. I’ve had the taste of wanderlust in my mouth for all of my life without the realistic dash of, “Oh wait, sometimes adventures cost money.” But there are other things on there too, and more that I plan to add as I learn more about what I want out of life.

And that’s a beautiful thing, to learn to want more. I don’t mean money, or prestige. But to learn to want the intangible, the out of reach, if only just barely, and to want to strive for it.

Because if we strive, we can achieve. Perhaps not quickly. Perhaps not in a way planned. But eventually.

So this blog will catalog my progress through things I want out of life, pitfalls included. I promise, there will be pitfalls. But hopefully there will be enough life and adventure to get us through them.

BRITTANY SPEAR is a recent college graduate from Miami University (OH) with degrees in Creative Writing and Anthropology. A lover of the outdoors, fantasy, travel, and the mental wanderings of art and adventure, Brittany is on the periphery of life change and is both excited and fearful of where the next breeze will take her.


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