And I Think To Myself…

  1. The best type of tree to hide under during a torrential downpour is a holly tree. The leaves grow so close together, and are so hard, that the rain doesn’t penetrate.
  2. Letters are possibly the best type of communication in the world. You can save them, find one years later, and still be moved to tears at the sweet words a friend, family member, or loved one has written to you.
  3. Inversely, it’s extremely painful to come across a letter from someone you’ve parted with: not through death, but through a fight or a parting of the ways.
  4. Packing is obnoxious. In my opinion, packing should be done in 1-2 days, so that you do not have to think about where certain things need to go in order to live out the rest of the week while the rest of your life is in boxes.
  5. There are many different types of life out in the world. To try to emulate them all is an exhausting trial that will lead to contradictions and unhappiness.
  6. At the same time, try to live as many different facets of life as you can that will make you happy. And sometimes, you need to try a facet that you didn’t think about before, in order to find what will truly make you happy.
  7. What the hell is supposed to make me happy? How in the hell do you determine what will make a person happy for the years to come?
  8. Anxiety is a curse caused by an over-active imagination.
  9. People are capable of more change than they think.
  10. However, some people sincerely aren’t capable of change, not until they come across the decision themselves. And for some, it can take a while, if not forever. But don’t let that get you down.
  11. It’s easy to sit on a bed and complain that nothing exciting is happening in your life. It’s much harder to go out and make it exciting, even without company or inspiration.
  12. Inspirational quotes tend to only inspire for five minutes or so after being read.
  13. Yet they are what perseverance lies on.
  14. Progress doesn’t always happen immediately.
  15. Our generation of people have come to expect instant gratification, from an internet connection to weight loss.
  16. However, things rarely happen instantly, and fretting over a lack of visible or immediate progress is a waste of energy sometimes.
  17. Life changes are hard. Changing your outlook on life is hard. Learning to live for yourself is hard. But it’s worth it, if we take advantage of it.
  18. Some books are harder  to finish reading than others, even if they should captivate you in the same way.
  19. I wish I had a way to immediately record my thoughts, exactly as they are, no matter where I am in the world (as in, without a laptop or paper).
  20. We can have adventure in the everyday. However, it does require a change of perspective if you’ve been framing your conception of adventure in one particular way for most of your life.
  21. Wanderlust is a powerful, itchy thing.
  22. I am a pack rat, at least of papers and potentially sentimental things.
  23. I start to mentally freak out when my mother starts touching my stuff.
  24. I have a job interview tomorrow and I’m nervous, mostly because this job could manage to tie me down in D.C. But it sounds interesting. Torn.
  25. I think too much

…Or at least, I’ve been thinking about some of this stuff lately. And more. Always thinking.


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