Taking a Leaf: Teaser Tuesday

So I’m taking a leaf from another blogger‘s blog: Teaser Tuesday! Take a book, find a random page, and write two sentences from the page. Name the book and the author so that others can join in!

So today’s excerpt will be from City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, the third book in her The Mortal Instruments series. I read these books last summer (well, at least, the first three) and liked them pretty decently. Since I’m home again, and since it’s summer again, I’m reading them again (AGAIN). 

From page 272:

You should have told me what I was,” Jace said, all in one breath, as if the words were being punched out of him. “I could have done something about it, then. Killed myself, maybe.”

And from page 394:

The smell–oh, the smell down there, like blood and death and rot. Valentine had hollowed out a place under the ground, in what had once been the wine cellar.”

Well, that’s it for this. More writing related things soon! Hopefully…

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One Response to Taking a Leaf: Teaser Tuesday

  1. Damyanti says:

    This sounds like an interesting series!

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