Welcome to The Bucket Wish List

And we’re live!

This is a project I’ve been thinking about for a while, but wasn’t so certain  how to conceive. You see, I’ve tried blogs before; well, one or two. And the problem was that I rarely had enough of a motivating factor behind what I was writing. It was like a diary without actually being able to be personal. Ew.

But not this time! This time, my blog is a challenge while being a revelation of the character within.

I plan on documenting my way through my personal Bucket List and Wish List.

Though many people have heard of Bucket Lists (and are no doubt wondering why a 21 year old would be concerned with such a topic), a Wish List may come across as something different. But never fear. I like explaining.

In all honesty, I could probably combine the two things. They both entail of things that I want to do. But the Wish List, however, is a list of things that I want to learn, skills and trades and hobbies and whatnot. They involve time and practice and dedication, and thus will likely not be mastered quickly.

The Bucket List has to do with THINGS I want to do or PLACES that I want to see; the Wish List is more concerned with things or skills that I want to learn, that I will be able to do other things with and that will make me feel accomplished.

Because I’m sure that that’s all this is about, right? Feeling accomplished? Feeling alive?

I’ll take it, because I honestly need something of a creative/adventuresome outlet to push me through the frustrating and depressing process that is the job search. To all my fellow recent grads (or not so recent), we share each other’s pain. If we know what we want, if we don’t know what we want, it makes no difference. The process sucks. While I completely understand the lengthiness of the process from the business person’s perspective (i.e. I know that they actually want to hire amazing people that, I don’t know, actually fit in and want to work for them forever), I just want to feel the love of the acceptance letter.

This will be a perpetual feeling of despair and bitter hope if/when I pursue a career/hobby as a writer. The woes of the creative spectrum.

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